Artist Statement

Wassily Kandinsky once said, “form itself is meaningless unless it is the expression of the artist’s inner necessity and everything is permitted to serve this end.” So this also informs my work as an artist printmaker.

My approach to art is multidiscipline, though I work primarily in printmaking, I also work in drawing, painting, photography, papermaking, assemblage sculpture, and multi-media. As an artist printmaker, I find that through the act of the printmaking process, I am able to catch things as they happen. This is intriguing to me–the materiality and the processes working together along with my observations and imagination become and event and act of its own.

I seek to transpire real life events of the world into visual narratives, allegories, or contemplations, while at times I seek interactivity. My work apprises to the natural and built environments including human and/or autobiographical connections within these environments, particularly my home Alaska. By way of experimentation and the eclectic approach, I find that inner necessity for expression to my work.