November 2023

From Rhonda at Horton House Press, Alaska

Dreaming Red Currants hand-pulled monotype printing

Following my drawing of the red currant bush and process photos of the monotype printing on plexiglass, I am pleased to give you a look at the final outcome of layering some greens, yellows, and reds to get my hope realized on paper.

Shown below are a few more process prints, as well the finished original print and the unfinished ghost print. At about this stage, the original and the ghost prints take on their own callings and become separate unto themselves. A dialogue takes place to be resolved between artist and each print (hence: original prints–original hand-pulled prints–not reproductions).

Image gallery image
Pouncer and freezer wrap paper stencil used for berries.

The printing of the berry clusters became more work than expected. Through a somewhat crude printmaking process, it is very easy for these clusters to end up as red blobs–not what I want– 😬. So I am very thankful for the use of a pouncer–a round sponge on the end of a wooden dowel just the right size worked great for the berries along with freezer wrap paper for stenciling.

Reflection: next time try working larger or smaller for berries.

If only I found such a cluster in our yard! More than anticipated, the currants here are a bit brilliant in their reds. I will work on finishing the ghost print next.

A little more of what is going on inside Horton House Press – Alaska

Sojourning to a past adventure with an idea, I put one of my pieces of art on a “T” shirt. There’s a real-life story behind this pastel drawing Coming into Alaska, July 4, 2018, 12:22 am.

As the title implies, we had just past the Alaska-Canada boarder and made our way down the Tok Highway. Bound for home, and literally busting at the seams, we had secured the backend of our travel trailer from top to bottom with duct tape.

I began to take pictures through the window of the midnight sun setting over the land, catching just a glimpse of Mt. Denali as it disappeared behind the rushing landscape.

There before us, we were awestruck – clouds appeared as our Old Glory Flag lain across the land! It was a welcoming sight to say we made it safely home, and then we noticed it was just after midnight on the 4th of July!

I am offering these limited edition “T” shirts signed and numbered. With several responses for the sleeve art, I decided to make this variation. I invite you to take a look, offer opinions in the comments below or email, and consider purchasing one for yourself or a loved one. I may offer them again summer of 2024.

These fine “T” shirts on a cotton blend fabric use pigmented ink and contrasting black thread. The image Into Alaska is from the original diptych (consisting of two drawings framed together to make a whole).

To get a better look and/or purchase, click any choice link below and you will be directed to the store.

Events – Past and Upcoming

The Alaska State Fair 2023

Showing for a second time at the iconic Old Colony Church now the Alaska State Fair Wine Bar. It was a pleasure to exhibit once again along with fellow artists and catch up on all that was happening.

State Proof

Thursday – Sunday
International Gallery of Contemporary ArtState Proof – A curated exhibition of Alaska Printmakers

Opening Reception – First Friday, Jan. 5, 5-8pm
1:00pm-4:00pm427 D Street • Anchorage, Alaska 99501

". . .in the midst of the unknown. . .I am grateful now, before all is well. . ." Allen Arnold 

– always with thanksgiving 😊

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at my email: [email protected]

You may leave a comment in the space provided below, which is very much appreciated. Thank you for visiting Horton House Press Studio Insider.

4 Replies to “November 2023”

  1. Hi Rhonda!

    Thanks for keeping up with the newsletter/blog. Your art is so inspiring. The red current prints are gorgeous !

    I’m hoping to communicate better this year, and actually get an annual letter out again. We’ll know more later 🤣

    I wish you the best of a new year. Number-wise, 2024 looks so balanced. Maybe it will be a more balanced year and we will see more peace. I’m sending hope & energy in that direction.

    Hugs, Nancy

  2. Rhonda I would like the long sleeve shirt with the printing on the sleeves. Size xlg. And would you sign it? Let me know how much I will owe you.

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