Horton House Press, Alaska – About

Intaglio and monotype online workshops

Stay tuned!

  • If you have never done printmaking before—no problem—I will take you through every step of the way.
  • Are you are an experienced printmaker? I can work with you to further explore creative ideas to work into your project.
  • If you are an artist in another medium, how about trying your hand with printmaking? You can turn your artwork into original hand-pulled prints.
  • Through online live demonstrations and workshops I share processes and techniques that are simple for home printing with and without the need for an etching press.
  • I can do one-on-one workshops or group workshops. I am also here to help artists make plates for printing on an etching press.
  • If you have a press, that is good—you are the artist and the printer. If you do not have a press, again it’s no problem—using my etching press, I can print your artwork into original hand-pulled prints—you are the artist and I am the printer.
  • I can do limited edition prints (multiple originals), one-of-a-kind monoprints, and proofing prints.
  • I love to share ideas, collaborate on art projects, and curate exhibits.
  • Along with live demonstrations, workshops, and printing, I look forward to include some papermaking and multimedia art making, share current art events, and upcoming shows that I think may be of interest to you.